What age are your own Lifeline Concorde batteries? Exactly like you expressed.

What age are your own Lifeline Concorde batteries? Exactly like you expressed.

I’ve 16 on the exact same battery packs, and that I in addition experienced a number of precisely what you might be describing with unequal battery-charging.

With mine, I’m sure that they are sulfated to several qualifications, in order that features triggered many of the imbalanced asking voltages. I got myself my personal Lifelines at the lowest cost as “NEW”, nonetheless they had seated for some time and are deeply discharged before I ever before have them. I additionally ended up establishing my cost voltages in the lowest conclusion of Lifeline’s advice, to ensure that I wouldn’t overcharge a number of the batteries.

Works OK for a crisis back up electric battery system definitely rarely neeed, but they are definitely not the things I’d would you like to depend on for daily off grid living. Some time, i really hope to get a new pair of batteries acquire to just the right start (and bring very good care of them).

Re: 48 Volt power bank wiring

We have found Edward’s “keyturbocars” thread in which the guy did a bunch of investigation and testing a setup to recover Lifeline AGM electric batteries:

In the event that battery packs in series (and parallel) tend to be awfully mismatched (i.e., great power supply in series with sulphated battery) may cause the unbalanced charging in which one power supply is actually charging you at “low voltage” and the other at “high voltage”.

Charging/recovering electric batteries individually will help. In addition complimentary batteries by capacity (“high” ability in one single string, “low” capacity in one minute collection string) will help too.

Re: 48 Volt power supply lender wiring

We go along with Bill. Managing each electric battery individually is a great idea. I did so it and it did assist my personal situation. Even so, my battery packs had been yet gone to start with that the situation is still perhaps not great. Things are better though.

In the event the battery pack bank are new and in better condition after that mine, subsequently wanting to https://besthookupwebsites.net/nl/mexican-cupid-overzicht/ equalize each power independently according to Lifeline’s process might present great results.

Re: 48 Volt battery pack bank wiring

Finally I checked the relaxing current these people were within .01 to .10 of each more. (in fact my personal electric batteries never ever “rest”). Merely examined (7:25 PM).. Neg part parallel electric batteries at 12.75v, .07 to .10 higher than all the other batteries with about a 150w to 200w weight.

I bought 1st two batteries March ’10 and last string of four in Oct ’10. (By the way, a couple of strings had released battery packs (12.5 – 12.7). I found myselfn’t thrilled to posses compensated that kinda money for new battery packs then need to spend several days charging you them before I could use them).

Overall, i am ecstatic with one of these little Lifeline batteries..

You will find another small 4-battery-12v-system of Costco wet-cell battery packs. Small bit greater altogether amp many hours than the Lifelines however, they just can’t need much of lots for a long time compared to the lifelines

Re: 48 Volt power financial wiring

Your battery packs comprise (and generally are) in much better profile than mine happened to be. If memory serves me correct, In my opinion several of my personal battery packs happened to be checking out as little as 11.5V while I grabbed them from the box. They seated for 2 MANY YEARS before i got myself them. Some other battery packs comprise larger, nonetheless they had been everywhere. They were all very low!

I imagined I was acquiring a great deal having to pay around 1/3 cost (obtaining 3 for your price of 1)!. The truth is I happened to be having to pay a large number for scrap lead! UGH! It really is incredible at how good obtained arrive around everything thinking about, but they are not whatever they need. Eventually we want to still do it. For the time being, they are adequate for what Now I need.

As time goes by, I want to get a few chain with the 6V Lifeline GPL-6CT (oversized golf cart proportions) which can be ranked at 300A/H each. This time around, i will ensure that they’re factory fresh and all of through the exact same whole lot. And that I’m browsing manage them as if they are created from SILVER!

Re: 48 Volt battery pack lender wiring

Thanks a lot and you may reveal David the drawing.

Re: 48 Volt electric battery bank wiring

I am not a fan of combination trapping batteries of various strings. I prefer to help keep each sequence as standalone.

Crosstrapping will make it more challenging to detect an electric battery going terrible. Additionally possess a better chance of taking out extra close electric batteries just like the terrible power supply initiate elevating the fee voltage on different batteries. You are able to juggle batteries around often to fit up series linked current per electric battery and recent for every single sequence.

I’ve ten chain of four series 12v batteries (forty batteries).

I have 100 amp shunts on adverse lead on each of the strings and track each batteries voltage on a regular basis. I’ve a common 500 amp shunt for a trimetric track.

I have two synchronous strings per cart (about 550 lbs per cart) with 350 amp Anderson connector each for the five carts. Carts are on casters it is therefore simple to draw the Anderson connector and move an individual cart out for solution.

Each cart is 27″ very long, 24″ higher, and 15″ deep very does not use extreme space from wall structure. Welded all five together, largely from salvaged bedframe angle metal.

Gone operating this config for around 15 years. The 5th cart at much best had been a later increase and not matched for wire size but I don’t have much current difference as a result of low-current per string making use of 2/0 interconnects.

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